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Theft Crimes

Broward County Criminal Attorney Forum – Larceny & Embezzlement
We recently received an email from a Broward County individual asking as to make the distinction between larceny and embezzlement.
An important clue to distinguishing among larceny, embezzlement, and false pretenses, is the victim’s state of mind regarding the property. In larceny cases, the victim intends either to pass nothing or to pass mere physical custody of the property. In embezzlement cases, the victim intends to entrust temporary possession of the property to another (most often an employee). In situations involving false pretenses, the victim intends to give up all rights to the property by passing title and possession to another.
In all three forms of theft, the defendants must have an intent to deprive another of the property permanently. The defendants, however, can be distinguished by their conduct when initially acquiring the property.
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