Lawyer advertising & representations as to skill

I recently met with a friend of mine who had visited an attorney for a routine legal matter. She explained how both the law partner and an associate each claimed to be the best lawyers in Broward County. Naturally, we both rolled our eyes at such a bold statement. The fact is that South Florida has such a bountiful supply of highly skilled attorneys seemed to make any such statement… well… bold. What is troubling however is that statements such as these are regulated by the Florida Bar. This is especially true when it comes to law firm advertisements. In fact, such forms of solicitations could result in disciplinary action under the rules as it is considered deceptive.
Always remember when researching an attorney (for any particular legal matter) to use some diligence. Ask members of the community that you trust. Even ask other attorneys. Most attorneys will be happy to talk to you about general qualifications for a particular matter without attempting to land a case.
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…and remember, “best” means best fit for you.