Warning of Uncertainty in the Cyberbullying Laws

Fort Lauderdale based cyberstalking defense attorney warns that Florida cyberbullying laws legislation is quite comprehensive, certain uncertainties have been noted by cyberharassment lawyers and some commentators. For instance, the cyberbullying laws do not state the course of action or the consequences in instances where electronic data and/or software programs have been accessed away from the campus to create an environment of hostility or animosity within the premises of the educational institution.

Cyberbullying Laws Challenges Freedom of Speech Rights

According to some, applying the cyberbullying law to off-campus instances would be akin to over-stretching its scope. An analogy has been drawn to the right of free speech to justify this uncertainty in cyberbullying laws—the right to free speech is exercised but with limits inside a classroom but these limits do not bind on a student once he steps out of the campus. But legislators, educators, parents, and citizens of Florida in general agree that the cyberbullying laws should be strictly enforced in the state.