Drug Paraphernalia Cases

According to Fort Lauderdale Criminal Lawyer William Moore, where a person is accused of possession of drug paraphernalia they can use various ways to defend themselves depending on the circumstances. The defendant can try to establish that the search and seizure of the objects was illegal and, therefore, the evidence is inadmissible. If the objects were seized from a place that was accessible to others, the defendant can prove that they were unaware of the existence of the objects or their use.
The defendant can also prove that the items were under their control but were used for other purposes and were not used as drug paraphernalia. In such cases, the defendant has to prove the alternate legitimate use of the objects.
When accused of possession of drug paraphernalia in Florida, the defendant should seek out a qualified criminal defense attorney as a conviction can lead to imprisonment or fine and a criminal record. A criminal record can have severe consequences for the accused since they will have to reveal it on employment applications.