Illegal Firework Sales in Florida


The sale of fireworks and illegal firework sales is regulated by Florida statute 791.02, which states that any seller is not permitted to sell “illegal” fireworks, unless a permit is obtained for supervised public displays, from the governing body of the municipality, where the fireworks are going to be set off. Secondly, “legal” fireworks, like sparklers can only be sold by a seller who has obtained such fireworks from a registered wholesaler, distributor or manufacturer, as given is statute 791.015. – Fort Lauderdale Criminal Lawyer


Illegal Firework Sales:
Registration of Fireworks in Florida

Statute 791.015 covers registration requirements for retailers, wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturers of fireworks. The concerned parties, whether it be a manufacturer, agent or seller of fireworks must register with the division under the prescribe form, and must submit this form to the division after notarizing it. The registration fees for wholesaler, distributor or manufacturer is up to $1,000 per year, while fees for seasonal retailers cannot be more than $200. For retailers the annual registration fees is not more than $15.
Safe Storage
Florida statute 791.055 imposes strict restrictions on storage of legal fireworks, which are sparklers. These sparklers cannot be stored in places where there are other flammable substances present, and the store must have a minimum of one chemical fire extinguisher readily accessible.
Chapter 791, Sale of Fireworks has strong statutes regarding registration, testing, and storage of fireworks, but falls short on strict guidelines for use of fireworks that are easily enforceable by law authorities. –Broward County Attorney
By William Moore