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Our experienced DUI defense lawyers explain a DUI trial will usually involve one or more witnesses that are crucial to determining the outcome of the trial. Most often, the prosecutor produces the stopping officer, the DUI investigator, the breath tech operator and any civilian wheel witnesses (if applicable), explain experienced DUI defense lawyers in Fort Lauderdale. Both the prosecution and the defense sides may choose to present expert witnesses before the court, although many lawyers refrain from employing and utilizing experts in DUI defense cases. This is unfortunate as a DUI trial will have to largely rely on chemical testing in the form of breath, blood or urine. Broward DUI Lawyer

Experienced DUI Defense Lawyers: DUI Trials

Most of the DUI trials involve measurement of blood alcohol levels of the defendant, which must be conducted with the help of scientific instruments. The prosecution may use expert witnesses to show that the scientific instruments employed to measure the BAC levels of the defendant were accurate and produced reliable results. – DUI Lawyer William Moore, Broward, FL

We are talking about a machine that can convict a defendant with a simple data card admitted into evidence and reviewed by an uninformed jury. Experts are the only way to effectively point out the shortcomings of the CMI device. I don’t see how else these machines can be attacked.

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