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Justifiable Homicide in Florida

Justifiable Homicide will Result in No Charges Being Filed

In exceptional circumstances, a homicide may be considered legal according to our Broward Criminal Lawyers. The Florida Criminal justice system has provided an exception for certain killings that may otherwise be termed as murder or manslaughter. These killings are known as justifiable homicide. One of the key examples of legal homicide is killing in justified self-defense or in justified defense of someone else. A homicide may be deemed justified if the circumstances demanded an action in self-defense or defense of another person, and there was reason to believe that inaction may have resulted in serious physical harm to that other person.

The second condition to be fulfilled is that the state laws must provide for the use of lethal force in such specific situation. Most state laws permit justifiable homicide where the victims are forced to defend themselves or other persons from serious threats such as murder, rape, or armed robbery. Criminal defense attorneys in Fort Lauderdale may be able to offer professional advice to people who may have a case for legal homicide.