juvenile laws in florida

The Broad Range of Juvenile Crimes

“When a child violates any law or commits a delinquent act, he or she is prosecuted in a juvenile court. All Florida circuit courts have jurisdiction to prosecute juvenile crimes; however, it will not be a jury trial and the case will be decided by a judge. The child will be prosecuted when a law enforcement officer files a delinquent complain against the child, for allegedly committing a misdemeanor or felony offense, violation of local ordinance, or contempt of court.” –WM Moore, Criminal Defense Lawyer Fort Lauderdale

Any charges filed against a child or possible convictions can seriously affect the overall well-being, reputation, and future livelihood of the child. Therefore, any accusations have to be treated seriously and aggressively defended by a lawyer who is well experienced with juvenile cases.

“A juvenile defense lawyer will first determine if the prosecution has proper evidence for proving all aspects of the alleged offense. Secondly, the lawyer will also conduct an independent investigation to determine the facts of the incident and use all information gathered to prove the innocence of the child or mitigate the penalty.” –Juvenile defense attorney William Moore Florida