White Collar Crimes Fraud Lawyer Florida

White Collar Crime of Insurance Fraud

Insurance frauds involve defrauding the insurance provider, by claiming benefits that the person is not entitled to, or defrauding the insured by denying benefits that they are entitled to receive.

White Collar Crime Attorneys in Broward County have seen a drastic increase in Insurance Fraud Arrests over the last decade.

Insurance frauds are categorized into hard and soft frauds. In hard fraud, the perpetrator intentionally plans and executes a loss to claim compensation of the insured amount. See our video on White Collar Crime in Broward County. 

This could include offenses like purposefully colliding an insured vehicle, setting fire to insured property, or fabricating death or health certificates. Soft fraud on the other hand is simply exaggerating the circumstances to increase the claim amount, or misrepresenting facts that might lower premium amounts.

Federal White Collar Crimes

Many white collar crimes involve the use of Internet, telephone, or postal system, and in such crimes it may not be possible to pinpoint the jurisdiction. Hence, such crimes are prosecuted as federal crimes, and they may include wire fraud, mail fraud, ponzi schemes, insider trading, and securities fraud.