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The Study of DUI Defense Strategy

William Moore, the DUI defense lawyer with our firm recently reminded me that he has focused exclusively on defending drunk driving cases since leaving the state attorney’s office nearly 2 decades ago. Moore prosecuted DUI offenses as an assistant state attorney back then and had already made a name for himself within his first five years of practice.

Once you spend over a decade obsessing over every conceivable element of a single crime type, you start to look at the whole criminal litigation process in a different light. Aspects of our criminal justice system that appear relatively unimportant to most tend to be the most important mechanisms whereby I am able to view even the most hopeless DUI cases as sure winners.

Moore has spent the last two years of his DUI defense career intently focused on motion practice. This is drastically different than the first decade which was spent dissecting every conceivable element of the DUI jury trial. I have found that motion practice is far more powerful than I had at first anticipated. Preventing a case from proceeding forward to trial is far less stressful to the client as well, claims Moore.

Even better is the fact that should a prosecutor survive an almost surgical motion filed by my firm designed to take away all of his or her evidence, then we just end up in my arena, the criminal jury trial.