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Children Coached to Make False Allegations of Sexual Abuse

Small Children who have been coached to make false allegations of sexual abuse are seldom coached as to the intimate details that would accompany sexual abuse.

Children Coached to Falsely Accuse is a Crime in Florida.

According to Criminal Lawyers in Broward County, parents who have coached a child into making allegations of sexual abuse are typically going through divorce proceedings. Such illegal activity is done in an effort to gain an advantage in the family court. According to the partner at our firm who defends Sex Crime, such fabrications are easily detected provided appropriate steps are taken.

James Weick has been defending people charged with Sex Offenses in Broward County for the entirety of his career as a criminal defense attorney. He claims that issue pertaining to child custody can be severely weighed against an accused of sexual battery in the Florida court system. According to Attorney Weick, one study conducted in Broward County about falsified allegations of sexual abuse in divorce proceedings found that as many as 20% of allegations made by a parent engaged in a custody lawsuit had fabricated allegations of sexual abuse. Other jurisdictions have much lower percentages of falsified reports claims Weick.

Broward County Sex Crimes Investigation

Investigators of sexual abuse in Broward County, Florida are trained to consider custody disputes when gathering evidence of sexual abuse. Such cases are difficult as that both the act of sexual abuse as well as false accusations involve equally heinous acts according to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. The failure to accurately investigate allegations of sexual battery can be catastrophic.

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In many cases, false accusations are not uncovered until a qualified sex crime defense attorney is retained. Investigation on behalf of the defense is crucial. It is troubling that more often than not, law enforcement is pre-disposed when conducting investigations. At the same time, it is human nature to sympathize with an alleged victim in sex crimes cases.

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