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Increased Arrests a DUI Deterrent?

It is a common belief that increased arrests for DUI in Broward County can be achieved through increased arrests for drunk driving according to William Moore, a DUI Defense Lawyer in Broward.

DUI Lawyers in Broward County Question the Deterrent Effect of Increased Arrests of Drunk Drivers

Currently, the risk of apprehension for Drunk Driving is low according to Moore. Far lower than other crimes such as Burglary or Violent offenses, to name a few.

The probability that a drunk driver will be arrested depends on numerous factors including but not limited to a jurisdictions resources and officer training. In Broward County, we have specific task forces devoted to investigating DUI suspects. The Broward County DUI Task Force consists of a handful of trained DUI detectives who possess special equipment such as in car video recorders.

Drunk Driving investigation in Broward typically involves 4 to 6 hours of resources devoted by the investigating officers. Budget cutbacks usually result in an acting sergeants decision to pull back on the amount of officer resources devoted to DUI deterrence. Where cutbacks are not in effect, we see more stops and investigations and consequently, more arrests for DUI.

The notion that more arrests for DUI will equate to less offenders in Florida is fiercely debated. Many of those arrested have no criminal history and suffered a single lapse in good judgement which led to their arrest.

William Moore is a DUI Lawyer in Broward County. He has devoted a career to defending this specific offense and can be reached for comment by calling 954-523-5333.