drug addiction explained by drug defense attorney William R. Moore

What is Drug Addiction?

Addiction is the repetitive, compulsive use of a substance despite the negative consequence to the user claims drug crime lawyer, William Moore.

Drug Addiction
Drug Addiction is Something I see Every Day Claims Attorney William Moore

Addictive drugs initially activate circuits in the brain that respond to normal pleasures like food and sex. Every brain has the circuits so every human could potentially become addicted to a given narcotic.

Broward Criminal Attorney William Moore must work closely with persons who have been arrested for drug crimes, many of who are also addicted. He claims that clients continue to take drugs for many reasons, including changes to the way they think and perceive the world around them. The desire to experience pleasure from consuming a drug and the intention to avoid withdrawals often ensures that drug use continues with the addict.

Based on almost 20 years of drug possession defense experience, William Moore claims that several factors in the life of an individual effect their propensity to become addicted to controlled substances. Our forensic expert Dr. Michael Brennan consistently points out that family history, an individual’s personality, their prior mental health and even life experiences play a role in the development of an addiction to drugs.

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