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Detective Divisions

Criminal Detective Hierarchy within the Broward Sheriff’s Office

The Broward County Sheriff’s Office, like most jurisdictions, has different divisions for detectives. These higher-ranking police officers receive specialized training and experience in investigating the particular crime types that they are charged with investigating in their jurisdiction.

Criminal defense attorneys engaged in the practice of defending major crimes are often in constant communication with various lead detectives in their jurisdiction. Special unit detectives often work with confidential informants in addition to witnesses to the crimes for which they are investigating. Often, special unit detectives call upon both prosecutors and private defense lawyers seeking information regarding how best to lawfully gather evidence in certain criminal cases.

Divisions seen in Broward County over the years have been based on issues such as need for special investigations for a crime type at the given time in addition to budgeting factors. For example, the BSO DUI Task Force is one such specialized department in Broward County.