Alarming results of decade long study on race and the death penalty

Interesting facts stem from recent studies on race and the death penalty provided by Homicide Attorneys affiliated with our law firm.

In Washington you are almost 4 times more likely to be sentenced to death if you are an African-American as opposed to being a white male who is accused of committing a similar crime and also found guilty.

In Louisiana your chances of being sentenced to death are 97% higher if your victim was white as opposed to African-American.

In California if you kill somebody who’s white your three times more likely to be sentenced to death than if you had killed an African-American victim and even more likely to be sentenced to death if your victim was Hispanic. Four times more likely to be exact.

A North Carolina study found that a defendant increases his odds by 3.5 times where the victim in their case was white.

Almost 100% of the states reviewed in this comprehensive death penalty study conducted between 1998 and 2014 showed some form of pattern indicating significant discrimination with regard to the way our death penalty is imposed upon minorities. More alarming is the fact that this discrimination extends all the way to indicating that the victim’s ethnicity plays a significant role as well.

Finally, in 2013 the state of Florida was forth from the top with regard to the most executions by the state since 1976.