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When a Minor is convicted of DUI

Although the legal drinking age in the United States is 2, more then often underage drinking occurs. The state of Florida has instilled “Zero Tolerance Laws” in effort to combat underage drinking. In Broward County, there are numerous penalties a minor will face if pulled over drunk driving. Harsher punishments are seen to Minors facing multiple DUI’s.

Penalities a Minor May Face are the following
1. Drivers License Suspension
2. Jail Time or Juvenile Detention
3. Participation in an Alcohol treatment program
4. Resitution
5. Driving Safety Classes
6. Installation of an Ignition Lock
7. Community Service
8. Fines

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Being Prosecuted as An Adult
Minors over the age of 16 Sometimes, children over a certain age (often 16) who are charged with serious crimes (usually felonies) may be charged in adult, not juvenile, court. The prosecutor or judge may decide to treat a juvenile as an adult if the charge is serious or if the child has previously been convicted of a crime. If prosecuted as an adult, the juvenile is transferred out of the juvenile justice system and into the adult criminal justice system. In most cases, it is unlikely that a minor charged with a DUI would be prosecuted as an adult unless someone was injured or the minor had prior convictions

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