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If My Record is Sealed or Expunged, Who Can See it?

After a criminal record has been expunged it is literally destroyed. When an individuals record is expunged the general public will have no idea that the individual was ever arrested or charged. Once a record is sealed, the Broward Clerk of Courts is under a court order not to release the subjects of that file to anyone.

Under Florida State Law, individuals whom have had their criminal record sealed or expunged are not legally required to disclose or acknowledged the expunged criminal record. Meaning an individual does not need to admit to a previous arrest or criminal charge if and only if that criminal record was legally expunged.

However, this does not apply for the following police agencies; Local Police Departments, Florida Highway Patrol and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies

This also does not apply if an individual is seeking government employment or attempting to purchase a firearm or concealed weapons permit.

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