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Crime rate continues to drop with every bi-annual report according to the FLDE

Officials have boasted the lowest crime rate in Broward County in 44 years. According to the FDLE, its getting even lower. According to the departments latest report, crime has declined in Broward County and additional 7.5 percent from last yeart. This has led many criminal defense lawyers to ask just how bad crime in Florida really was four and a half centuries ago.

Types of crime at a reported all time low are violent offenses and sex-crimes. Like a bad grade on an otherwise straight A report card is the undeniable fact, however that there were about 70 plus murders in Broward County over the past year and a half.

Only 70? …awesome.

-I am not sure if that is to be considered low. The article in the Sun Sentinel seemed to be boasting. Personally, I am skeptical of the numbers having practiced criminal defense almost daily in the Broward County Courthouse over the last 18 years. There seemed to be a large number of violent offenders being arraigned in the felony courts on a regular basis from what I can remember. I should know, I represented some of them.

What a surprise. I guess if the statistics are even remotely accurate, our Broward County residents must have finally gotten the message. That being;  Broward is tough on crime.

Very tough.

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