Scott Weiland was never charged with the severity of criminal offenses that his wife Mary was.

Attorney William Moore responds to allegations that Scott Weiland’s illegal activities including but not limited to drug crimes led to not only the breakup of the band Velvet Revolver but his divorce from first wife Wendy Weiland.

“It is well understood that Velvet Revolver dissolved as a result of factors that can best be described as a Yoko Ono like invasion on the part of every one of the artists wives at the time. If anyone was to be faulted it would have to be Slashes ex-wife (former guitarist for Guns & Roses). It is well documented that she attended every band rehearsal with the other bandmates wives. This was apparently very disruptive and ultimately led to a break down of the creative process.

As for factors contributing to the irreconcilable differences that developed between Scott and Mary Weiland, you would be well served to factor it in there somewhere that it was Mary that was arrested and charged with Arson years after her husbands last drug possession arrest. She Burned thousands of dollars worth of clothes belonging to Scotts clothing in the presence of her children.

Even during his roughest years with Stone Temple Pilots, Weiland never racked up a $50,000 bond on such a potentially violent felony offense. This was done after she destroyed her room at the palacious Graciela Hotel and her kids were effectively removed from her custody temporarily… possibly voluntarily.

William Moore is an attorney in Broward County Florida who practices only criminal Defense. He can be reached for comment at 1 Financial Plaza Suite 2500, Fort Lauderdale FL 33394 – 954-523-5333.