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Do people running overseas Internet scams ever get arrested?

Fort Lauderdale Fraud Lawyer William MooreHave you ever wondered if the person responsible for sending you an email that is clearly a scam and from overseas will get arrested? These Internet scams while obvious to most have been responsible for the theft of millions of dollars for the unsuspecting victim. Unfortunately this type of white-collar crime usually targets the elderly who see their life savings vanish at the thought of having won the lottery for inherited a large sum of money.

Recently the first Jamaican man extradited to the United States to face Internet lottery fraud charges has admitted to his involvement in a wire fraud conspiracy that targets targeted senior citizens. The fraud was aimed at convincing the elderly victim that they had one millions of dollars, however, were required to pay advanced fees in order to claim their reward. This white color crime convinced victims to send amounts in excess of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Stolen funds were either mailed for wire transferred directly to the perpetrators of the crime Damion Bryan Barrett acted as a conspirator in the fraud and was paid a percentage of all amounts stolen pursuant to the Internet scam.

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