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I was arrested for domestic violence and now I’m not allowed in my home what can I do?

Many domestic violence arrests result in the accused being ordered not to visit their own home. This court order issued by the assigned domestic violence judge is legal and it does not matter if the person residing in your home has little or no right to be there.

Arrested for domestic violence in Broward County and need to get personal items so that I can work.

The quickest way to retrieve items from a residence that you have been ordered to stay away from is to contact a Broward Sheriff’s Office deputy to accompany you to that residence. If you have been ordered to stay away from the residence, even if it is your own house by way of a no contact order, you will be arrested being at that location without a police officer.

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Attorney William R. Moore claims that many domestic violence abuse campaigns create an unfair bias against male defendants.

Can I have a no contact order withdrawn by the court?

The presiding judge upon proper motion by our Domestic Violence Attorneys can withdraw a no contact order. Tell us about the facts leading up to your being ordered to stay away from a residence and we will tell you specifically what can be done.

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