DUI Work Purposes Driving Permit in Florida

Conflicting advice about obtaining a hardship license following an arrest for DUI in Florida.

There is an abundance of conflicting information out there when it comes to immediately obtaining a work purposes driving permit from the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles following an arrest for DUI. Until changes in the law went into effect in 2013, persons arrested for driving under the influence would have to wait either 30 days or 90 days to even apply for a temporary driver license. This created an unimaginable hardship for people who needed to drive to and from work and suddenly found themselves without an ability to do so. Additionally, prior to the changes, it was always advisable to apply for a formal review hearing where your retained DUI defense attorney would stand a very good chance of having your license reinstated due to the fact that officers often failed to appear even when subpoenaed. South Florida police officers would routinely cite scheduling conflicts as a basis if they even responded at all.

Much as changed in the South Florida DUI defense arena in the past few years. In the Tri-County area, Broward is the only jurisdiction to not yet adopt first-time offender diversionary programs for individuals arrested for DUI. Additionally, in specific to this article is the fact that in most cases filing for a formal administrative review hearing with the Department of Motor Vehicles seeking to overturn a driver license suspension without a solid reason for doing so is the less attractive option.

For more on the current state of how to obtain DUI hardship license following an arrest is available by listening to criminal defense attorney William R. Moore’s recent iTunes and Googleplay podcast on the issue.

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