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Allegations, Investigation and Arrest of Suspect

W-white-shirtThe criminal justice process begins when someone makes an allegation that a crime has occurred. Most often these accusations are made by civilian witnesses, although police officers are often witnesses as well.

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Often it is the type of offense that dictates whether accuser is law enforcement as opposed to a typical lay witness.  Where police officers set up a sting operation, you can expect to have those same police officers as the original witnesses to the crime. Domestic violence disputes, on the other hand can be expected to involve family members.

What type of offense were you arrested for?

Are you aware of any witnesses that can be expected to testify against to?

What about witnesses that might testify in your defense?

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Always make notes detailing your recollection of the events leading to your arrest. 

Making a record of the events leading up to and following your arrest can greatly assist your criminal defense attorney in preparing your defense. The best time to make note of your recollection is immediately following the event.

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Begin recording your recollection of the events leading up to your arrest.

Begin preparing your defense now. Creating an accurate record based on your recollection of recent events will greatly assist your legal defense team in immediately identifying issues and preserving evidence that tends to exonerate you from the crime charged. This information will be stored online and accessible only by you and the attorneys at The William Moore Law Firm. There is no charge for the service. Nor is there any cost associated in having our legal team review information that you have submitted and also have questions about.

All information submitted to The William Moore Criminal Defense Law Firm is completely confidential and protected by the attorney client privilege.
Recording the date of records created by an accused may assist in verifying that your recollection of events was reduced to writing when the incident had just occurred and was fresh in the mind of the suspect.
Include specific statements made against you to police officers or otherwise.