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Additional Documents in the Casey Anthony Case Made Public

The State Attorney’s Office has publicly released additional information related to its case against Casey Anthony, the young mother charged with first-degree murder in her toddler’s death. Caylee Anthony disappeared during the summer of 2008, with no explanation from her mother, who was her primary caretaker. The identity of Caylee’s father has never been made public, says Fort Lauderdale criminal lawyer William Moore. Nonetheless, the media has speculated widely about the whereabouts of Caylee’s father. Caylee’s grandparents have been considered instrumental in her care and it was her grandmother who first notified law enforcement officials when her daughter could not account for Caylee’s whereabouts, Fort Lauderdale criminal lawyer Moore has learned. Casey Anthony told investigators that she had left her little girl with a babysitter and provided them with a name and address. A woman with the same name, who resides at a different address, has since sued Casey Anthony for defaming her, saying that she had nothing to do with the child’s murder. Investigators apparently found no evidence tying the woman to the Anthony family.

After a highly-publicized investigation, Florida law enforcement officials zeroed in on Casey Anthony. Media outlets speculated widely due to the tragic notion of a young mother killing her toddler; the case was sensationalized by the fact that photos surfaced of Casey partying in the days after her daughter’s disappearance. Ultimately, after extensive searching, law enforcement officials located the little girl’s remains near the Anthony family’s home last December after receiving a tip from a concerned member of the community. Casey Anthony has been charged with the first-degree murder of Caylee, says Fort Lauderdale criminal defense lawyer Moore.

Additional documents to be used as evidence against Casey Anthony were recently released to the public. Among them is a photograph of Casey Anthony’s back, featuring a tattoo on her left shoulder that reads ‘Bella Vita’. The phrase translates from Italian to ‘beautiful life’. Prosecutors may be theorizing that the tattoo refers to Caylee’s life, but it is not clear when her mother got the tattoo or to whom or what it refers. Other additional evidence includes a shovel Casey Anthony borrowed from a neighbor near the time of her daughter’s disappearance and apparent death, as well as duct tape found at the scene where law enforcement officers located the toddler’s remains.

If convicted of first-degree murder in Florida, Casey Anthony could face the death penalty or life in prison without the possibility of parole, notes Fort Lauderdale criminal defense lawyer Moore. Prosecutors have stated that they intend to seek the death penalty. The trial has been delayed significantly since Caylee Anthony’s remains were located; in a fairly unusual step, her mother was charged with murder before the police had found a body.

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