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Time Magazine To say that we understand criminal defense work in Broward County would be an understatement. For almost 25 years Attorney William Moore and his legal team have appeared before our local judges on an almost daily basis. Each and every case defended was done so with a level of skill and determination required to achieve favorable results in a county known for having one of the strictest judicial systems in the nation. Our mission is both unique and simple:

“To provide the most effective representation to the clients that we have sworn to protect; and to keep those under our protection both informed, educated and included throughout the entirely of the litigation process”

Always Within Reach

“Call or text your lawyer directly to get answers to important questions in rapid time”

The William Moore Law Firm takes attorney-client communication to a whole new level. In fact, when it comes to keeping our clients informed, we far exceed the industry standard. Our clients are always provided the direct cell phone number of the senior partner representing them. Enjoy knowing that at any time a simple call or text will get you the answers you need directly from the person knowing the most about your case.

Let’s face it, we have all heard that the number one complaint about lawyers is that they do not return telephone calls and rarely update their clients as to the status of their pending matter. The Florida Bar has even gone so far as to report that a majority of complaints filed against attorneys include allegations that the client was not kept informed about the status of their case. To the contrary, The William Moore Law Firm redefines what it means to keep their clients in the know.

More Than the Typical “Free Consultation”

“Our criminal defense team doesn’t put a cap on the number of times that you can call and be consulted on general issues pertaining your pending criminal matter”

In today’s day and age, it would be difficult to find a criminal defense attorney who doesn’t offer a free consultation. This clever marketing strategy originally designed to get potential clients on the line and to close a sale has become commonplace in the legal industry. The William Moore Law Firm takes a different approach to initial case evaluation. If you have general questions that we can help answer we are going to do just that. Even if you haven’t retained us to represent your interests, we welcome your call and are willing to answer any questions that you have time and time again.

Everyone Knows the Value of a Second Opinion

“Sometimes you just need confirmation that your lawyer is doing the right thing”

Even if you have retained another law firm to represent your defense in pending criminal matter, we are just a phone call away in the event that you believe that your case is in need of a fresh set of eyes. Reassurance is everything and many are surprised to learn that most of the time, we concur with the actions of outside lawyers. Even more surprising is that we never charge a fee to review an issue and render a second opinion.

Who’s Keeping Score?

“Some criminal defense lawyers have had more success than others. Today it is easier than ever to verify what kind of cases a practitioner has litigated and to what avail”

Past results define a lawyer’s reputation and ability. Locating an attorney who has tried more than even a handful of criminal cases to verdict is harder than you might think. It’s even harder to find a practitioner who has done so successfully and on a consistent basis year after year. It is for this reason that our track record with regard to defending any specific criminal offense will always be made available for review. Statistics don’t lie and neither do the Broward County Clerk of Court public records. When it comes to references, this is a great place to start.

Criminal Defense Experts

“Forensic testimony should never be underestimated as the right expert can turn the tide in just about any criminal proceeding”

For over 20 years, our criminal defense attorneys have learned a great deal about which expert witnesses are the most effective when it comes to discrediting state evidence. We know which forensic chemists, toxicologists, psychologists and firearm ballistic experts are the most effective in court and respected by the Broward County Judiciary. Expert witnesses can expose both fault and bias when it comes to how evidence was gathered and analyzed by law enforcement. Often the use of experts is the most beneficial way to challenge the validity of crucial evidence being used against a criminal defendant. When it comes to the mental state of an accused at the time of the offense, the choice of forensic psychologist can be paramount.

Our network of Criminal Defense Experts includes professionals that we have worked closely with for over two decades. We know their capabilities when it comes to improving upon defenses for the benefit of our clients and use them whenever permissible.

Skip the Middleman

“Enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that you can always contact your lawyer directly and that you will never have to deal with junior associates or coverage attorneys”

Have a question for your Fort Lauderdale criminal attorney that can’t wait? Call or text directly rather than jumping through hoops leaving messages with receptionists, assistants or office staff. Rest assured that if we represent you, most of your questions will be answered by your attorney in real time. Prefer to discuss your case in person? No problem. In most cases we can get you in the office within 48 hours. As for our support staff and paralegals, they are some of the best in the business. When it comes to discussing your defense, however, we know that you want to speak with your attorney and no one else. For this reason, you will always have a direct number to their cell phone so you can easily call or text them at any time.

Why is it important to communicate with your lawyer vs. associates and support staff? Over time the relationship that develops between lawyer and client strengthens one discussion at a time. The bond shared between our attorneys and the people that they have represented over the years is unique in that they were forged by working together and overcoming the most significant of obstacles. The more counsel and client communicate the better they get at conveying ideas and concepts; something that greatly assists in the formulation of a strong defense.

Locals Only

“How does a criminal lawyer who has defended dozens felony cases before the same local Criminal Court Judge compare to one who has defended thousands?”

What does it mean to really understand a local judiciary? It certainly isn’t something that can be learned by asking in-court personnel or reading a division’s practice and procedure guidelines. Considering all of the variables that come into play when trying to predict how a presiding judge will rule on a specific issue it is no wonder that many people simply cross their fingers and hope for the best. To the contrary, representation by an attorney who has defended individuals charged with every conceivable criminal offense before the same judge year after year can prove to be quite advantageous. The frequency of which a practitioner appears before a specific criminal court judge often dictates the level of synergy and respect when it comes to their interactions.

How Selfish

“The individual tactics and local knowledge that we have each acquired over the years is not something that we are about to share with anyone other than our clients”

This might sound a bit stingy, but The William Moore Law Firm does not train interns, employ lesser qualified associates or utilize the services of coverage attorneys. We are a handful of attorneys and paralegals each of whom have been focusing on specific and independent areas of criminal defense for the entirety of our careers. When it comes to structure, we simply refuse to pass work off to anyone less qualified. No exceptions.

Use a coverage lawyer for the small stuff? Never. Our clients can rely on the fact that the same veteran 20+ year lawyer from our firm will represent them at every stage of the process; and that’s the one most qualified to do so based on the specific crime charged. A veteran criminal lawyer who is proficient in defending a chosen offense type and their professional paralegal counterpart. Sound effective? You bet it is.

Never Miss a Beat

“Receive advance notice of every event pertaining to your criminal defense or restraining order case by text, email, United States mail and personal telephone call”

Criminal litigation involves a great deal of event calendaring. Whether it be regularly scheduled court dates such as status hearings, motion calendar or trial calls, important dates can creep up on even the most organized of individuals. Forget to mark your schedule? No problem. All of our clients are reminded about up and coming matters via text message, email, telephonic reminder and United States mail. Even where client attendance is not mandatory, event notifications will always keep you in the loop.

Your Case File is Just a Keystroke Away

“Log into your private online account with our defense firm to view and download any aspect of your case including the work performed on your behalf by your attorney” While you are certainly welcome to visit our office and review your entire case file, most of our clients prefer to simply log into their private online client portal securely hosted by The William Moore Law Firm. Protected by the highest level of encrypted security, everything that you could ever want to know about your case file will always be right at your fingertips. Every pleading, motion, prosecutor correspondence, attorney notation discovery submission, attorney email and court order will be available within seconds and from anywhere on the globe.

…and it doesn’t end there.

See something that you want to comment on or add specific to your defense? No problem. Simply upload any information deemed relevant to your online file and we will be notified of your submission in real time and promptly review.

Countless Successful Cases and Satisfied Clients

“Many of the clients that we have represented no longer have any trace of an arrest or criminal record as we have had all information pertaining to it either sealed or expunged”

Attorney William Moore and his team of veteran criminal defense and restraining order litigation lawyers have accumulated countless satisfied clients over the past 20 years. We say “countless” because many of the thousand cases that we have resolved have also been erased from public view via the seal and expunge process. It is easy to understand why not everyone prefers to shout from the hilltops that they were accused of a crime that no one knows about because their lawyer made it disappear.

While many prefer to keep an arrest private, there are still plenty of William Moore Law Firm clients who are all too happy to share information about the quality of the legal representation received. Some of the positive opinions of our past clients have even been expressed over several platforms and include every degree of criminal offense or protective injunction type. Hundreds of cases that have not been restricted from public view are available online that include actual police report narratives, defense pleadings, motions and actions in addition to the ultimate result.

Our Door is Always Open

If you or a loved one have been arrested in Broward County, Florida, The William Moore Law Firm can help. Trust us when we say that we have seen it all before, we don’t judge, and we will treat you with the utmost dignity and respect. Start forging a relationship with the Fort Lauderdale criminal lawyer who will help successfully navigate you through what may be the most challenging time of your life. Come visit us today in Fort Lauderdale. Our door is always open. Can’t wait? No problem. Speak with founding attorney William Moore now by calling (954) 523-5333.

Client Reviews
William Moore saves the day once again... I can’t thank him enough for helping me get my life back on track...You’ll be glad he’s on your defense team, I guarantee it. Eric Bailey
William is an amazing lawyer on the first day he took my case from a felony to a misdemeanor. He always answered my calls and text messages, never a problem. He was always the one in court not sending someone else, unlike my last lawyer. 10/10 would recommend. If I ever have any other problems, he will be the first person I call. Shane B.
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William Moore

My name is William Moore and I have spent the entirety of my career practicing criminal law right here in South Florida. For over two decades I have appeared before our local Criminal Court Judges on an almost daily basis. I have authored works and lectured about criminal defense related tactical issues and trial strategies on over a thousand occasions. Throughout the course of my career, I have protected the rights and liberty of thousands of people charged criminally. I have personally tried to hundreds of cases to verdict before both judge and jury. I’m proud of my criminal case history and trial results. All of which is available for your review online. Research some of the various cases that I have defended in Broward County and see for yourself why I should be the lawyer to successfully resolve your pending criminal matter.

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