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What really makes this attorney Counselor William Moore stand out from the others is his impeccable use of tactical strategy, which is the key to success. Communication was impeccable.

William Moore used his abilities to save our son from a life changing and tragic outcome.

We will always be grateful and feel fortunate to have selected him for this upmost challenge. He will always be remembered by our family.

- Luz Mery Rincon Pepin

William Moore saves the day once again... I can’t thank him enough for helping me get my life back on track...You’ll be glad he’s on your defense team, I guarantee it.

- Eric Bailey

I had multiple warrants and I was looking at serving at least a few days of jail minimum. He went to court for me I didn't even have to go (they would've arrested me). Got the warrant cleared. Got it set for a new date. I overslept that date. He saved my #ss again. And right now we're aiming for a full dismissal, I've never even set foot in that courthouse. This guy is worth every penny and a whole lot more. I'll update when my case is completely resolved. I'm feeling a whole lot better after hiring William Moore. I'm sure he can't wave a magic wand in every case but he sure waved one for my friend who told me to hire him and he is making magic happen in my case. Now I'm telling you, hire this man. You will not regret it. And he gave me a great price and he responds to every message. I'm going have his number saved and it'll be the first number that goes into any new phone.

Update. All charges were dismissed this morning without me ever setting foot in the courthouse. Cannot thank you enough William. First class representation all the way.

- Ross Cypert

William is an amazing lawyer on the first day he took my case from a felony to a misdemeanor. He always answered my calls and text messages, never a problem. He was always the one in court not sending someone else, unlike my last lawyer. 10/10 would recommend. If I ever have any other problems, he will be the first person I call.

- Shane B.

Mr. Moore has been an incredible resource to have during my case. I can honestly say without his help through court I would've ended up in a bad situation. He is very genuine and straightforward, he is a busy professional but he gives his undivided attention to your case. My first time running into trouble with the legal system and Mr. Moore was kind enough to take me under his experience and knowledge to provide the most positive outcome I could have. I spoke to numerous lawyers before Mr. Moore and I can confidently say he can provide results and not just talk. That was the most important thing was results and that he knows your life is at stake. Without hesitation I would strongly recommend his services to anyone facing hardships with the law.

- Chrstne Vmp

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