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America’s Third Safest City in Florida?

Weston Florida falls into 3rdplace behind Greenwich Connecticut and Parsippany New Jersey when it comes to freedom from crime. Furthermore, once again, reports from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement in 2019 claim that Florida is at a 47 year all time low when it comes to crime statistics.

Soon after reading these reports, I took a look at the local crime section of the Broward County Sun Sentinel newspaper specific to only occurrences of violent crime involving a firearm. Within seven days of the safest city in the nation report, Broward County experienced the following crimes in its leading newspapers headlines:

Gunfire injured a nine-year-old girl and a man during a fight. The nine-year-old girl was taken to a hospital by a relative while the injured man was rushed to the hospital by paramedics.

During that same week, a woman was killed by her husband, who allegedly shot her to death.

A few days later a 10-year-old child was injured and a man was killed in Hollywood Florida.

Three days before that a road rage incident in Broward County resulted in bullets being fired into a truck on I95.During that same week YNW Melly pled not guilty to charges accusing him of killing two of his good friends

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