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Armed Robbery

Florida Armed Robbery Lawyer Breakdown

Florida criminal law differentiates between robberies depending on the use of a weapon at the time of committing the crime. As the name suggests, armed robbery constitutes the use of a firearm or deadly weapon while stealing another person’s property or money. Florida law is particularly strict about the use of a firearm, and according to Florida statute 775.087 the 10-20-Life law applies to armed robbery, since robbery is a felony offense.

South Florida Armed Robbery Lawyer on Penalties

According to armed robbery lawyer, a person convicted of armed robbery will be sentenced mandatorily to the maximum extent allowed in the category. Secondly, the minimum mandatory sentence has to be served day for day without any deductions for good behavior or gain time. A person charged with armed robbery with a firearm is not qualified for a bond and the accused could be incarcerated until the trial. –Broward Criminal Attorney

According to 10-20-Life law the three minimum mandatory sentences applicable to armed robbery are:

  1. 10-Year Jail Term: If the accused merely produces or reveals a firearm at the time of robbery, the minimum imprisonment is 10 years.
  2. 20-Year Jail Term: When the accused fires the firearm at the time of the robbery without hurting anyone, then he or she will have to serve a minimum of twenty years in jail.
  3. Life Sentence: When the accused fires the weapon and hurts someone at the time of committing robbery, he or she will be sentenced to a minimum of 30 years in jail or a life term. –Florida Criminal Statutes

No One is Exempt

When armed robbery is committed by more than one person, all the persons in the group will serve the same sentence even if only one person in the group uses a deadly weapon. Therefore, Florida law does not differentiate between the actual perpetrator/s of the crime and accomplish/s in armed robbery.

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