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Assault Rifles: Look Menacing or Menace to Society

Transcript of William R. Moore State of Arrest Podcast

With so many options available to customize an M4 or AR 15 from mounts on rail systems, interchangeable uppers and lowers the modern “military looking” rifle is being dubbed by many as the male Barbie doll. Only this Barbie doll looks menacing.

And that’s why gun enthusiasts like it.

(more challenges to the ar-15 assault rifle – a ban on them considered constitutional. Just what is an AR-15 – This is State of Arrest and I’m your host William Moore)

More challenges are being faced by citizens who enjoy their constitutional right to own an assault rifle, whether it’s an attempt to restrict the sale of green-tipped 5.56 NATO ammunition or a higher court’s ruling that the local banning of assault rifles is constitutional, it appears that the challenges are going to continue.

Worse off, it would appear that those seeking to ban assault rifles through one form or another appear to be gaining traction.

So Just What Is an Assault Rifle?

Does it just look menacing or is it a menace to society?

Those seeking to ban assault rifles think they look pretty darn scary which is, although they wouldn’t admit it, the only rational basis, to restrict or do away with the AR 15’s ownership by citizens altogether.

First off, I want to put it out there, and this is a fact. The staple ammunition for an AR 15 is the 5.56 NATO. It makes sense to consider the lethality of this weapon, doesn’t it?

One easy method would be to call any hunting lodge in America and ask if you can hunt on their land with an assault rifle of this caliber and you can guarantee to be told “not here, not with that caliber.”

For those of you that aren’t familiar with firearms of this type or hunting, you’re probably jumping to all kinds of rationale as to why you would be told something like this. Is it because these guns are designed for war and not hunting? Hardly.

Any reputable lodge owner, employee or hunter will tell you it boils down to one thing. An AR 15 assault rifle is simply to light to hunt even medium game.

So light, that issues of humane hunting come into play as a 5.56 shell is more likely to injure an animal who will run off only to die hours or days later from injury.

Let’s Compare Two Rifles

Take an M4 (another name for AR 15) manufactured by the popular assault rifle manufacturer Daniel Defense. A company that has been on the scene for only a few short years and yields anywhere from $2000-$4000 per firearm.

Compare that to a Marlin lever-action hunting rifle which has been manufactured in the United States for over 100 years and currently sells for about 500 bucks.

There is no comparison to the discrepancy in stopping or killing power between these two weapons. With ammunition such as the 45 – 70 government or 30-30 Winchester caliber, ammunition first manufactured before color television or even television for that matter is far more lethal. It’s not even close.

Now let’s really get into it.

You know the silencers that we’ve all seen so many times in action films. Well they are legal to posses. Where is the outrage here? Where’s the effort to ban silencers that are designed to quiet a gunshot to a mere click. Not like in the movies and what I mean by that is that silenced weapons in motion pictures actually portray themselves as louder than the performance of a silencer in real life. Now that’s a killing machine. A stealth-killing machine. To obtain one you need only apply for a tax stamp. This can be done individually, through trust or even through a corporation.

How about an easily concealable short barrel rifle or shotgun? The power of an array of heavy ammunition in a weapon that you could conceal beneath common jacket. Also obtained either individually, through trust or incorporated business. A type of weapon that when used at the firing range is known to blow targets off of their mounts one and two lanes over.

Where’s the activism there?

The Result of Political Maneuvering?

Criminal defense lawyers emphasize the fact that we have a lot of bad laws on the books as a result of individuals seeking political favor. Make no mistake, this is exactly what’s happening when it comes to attempts to ban the AR 15. Because no one involved in this fight could be so naïve to just how unfounded an argument for banning these firearms truly is.

You’ve Been Listening to State of Arrest and I’m Your Host William Moore

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