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Avoid Being Harassed by Police Officers

One of the things commonly heard by criminal defense attorneys in Broward County is that police officers harass motorists when they’re pulled over. Many times, an unwanted attitude by Broward Sheriff’s deputies may be avoided by following a few simple rules.

Police Officers Vary in Skill

First of all, all law enforcement officers are different. Some are better than others when it comes to citizen contact. Try to keep in mind that regardless of the skill of any police officer, they are people just like everybody else subject to moods that can fluctuate depending on nothing more than the type of day they are having. Sometimes, this in conjunction with the dangerous nature of the job may cause the average person to feel that they are being treated with disrespect.


The attorneys at our firm remind the general public that when stopped by a police officer, the goal is not to argue about the manner in which they choose to perform their duty but rather to get out of a stressful situation as quickly and easily as possible.

Your Moves Are Being Watched by Stopping Officer

Regardless of whether or not you feel that you have committed a traffic infraction, try to keep in mind that showing respect, even if unwarranted, is the best tactical approach. When signaled to pull over, do so safely and gradually. Keep in mind that officers are trained to watch your movements through the rear windshield of your car as you are pulling over. Don’t make any furtive movements that could be interpreted as concealing contraband.

How to Act If Pulled over by Police

Once pulled over, do not exit your vehicle as this may be seen as an aggressive action or an attempt to take a deputies attention off of the interior of your car. Alternatively, the best practice is to roll your windows down and keep your hands on the steering wheel of your vehicle. Once contact is made, listen closely to the officer’s questions and answer them as clearly and concisely as possible.

Outsmart Law Enforcement

Police officers, when making a traffic stop will often ask a rudimentary question inquiring as to where you are coming from. A straightforward answer in this regard is always advisable. Being overly talkative is not advised by criminal lawyers who see thousands of cases begin this way.

Avoid Illegal Searches

Never give a police officer a reason to search your automobile. If asked, do not give consent, regardless of whether or not you believe that there is nothing illegal in your car. Should you feel at any time that you are being harassed or that the officer questioning you is overreaching, tried to remain calm and polite.

Goal Is to Get past the Police Encounter

Remember the goal in any officer/citizen contact is to move past the situation as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, police officers are aware of their authority and may choose to prolong the encounter in addition to increasing the stress of it. Be smart, and avoid problems. Out-think and avoid.

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