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Boynton Beach Man Attempts to Rob Nail Salon, Stabs Self Following Pursuit

Fort Lauderdale criminal lawyer William Moore recently learned of an unfortunate crime that took place last week. According to the Boynton Beach police, a Broward County man has been arrested following a criminal incident at a local nail salon last week. The police say that Philip Kirson, a 60-year-old resident of a nearby Boynton Beach subdivision, came in the back door of Pro Nails salon at about 9:30 in the morning. The salon is located in the Quantum Village in the 1000 block of Gateway Boulevard.a

Kirson inquired as to whether the nail salon did nails for men. After the manager assured him that male clients are welcome, Kirson’s demeanor changed suddenly. Kirson held up a knife, demanding that the Pro Nails manager give him the money in the store. The manager told Kirson that there was not yet any money in the cash register because it was so early in the day, but Kirson nonetheless pushed his way to the front of the store. He struggled to open the secured cash register.a

Meanwhile, two of the nail salon’s employees escaped from the salon. The manager stayed behind with the man bent on robbing the store. As one of the salon employees contacted police from a nearby Publix, the manager threw a chair at Kirson. The chair apparently scared Kirson, who fled the store without any money.a

The brazen Pro Nails manager followed Kirson out of the store and threw a shoe at him before he left in his white Toyota Celica. Police were able to locate Kirson very quickly following the report, catching up to him on his way back to his residence in the Village Royale on the Green, less than a mile from the Pro Nails location. As police approached the vehicle, Kirson took the knife he had wielded at the nail salon and plunged it into his stomach. He was transported by ambulance to the Delray Medical Center and was listed in stable condition and expected to fully recover.a

Police said that Kirson is unemployed, which may have been a motivating factor. Criminal charges for attempted armed robbery are pending against Kirson and it is unknown if he is currently represented by a Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorney.a

Fort Lauderdale criminal lawyer William Moore has experience in a wide range of criminal defense situations. An arrest can damage all aspects of your life, including your employment prospects and custody and visitation of your children. If you have been charged with a crime in Florida, contact William Moore, P.A., which is an experienced Fort Lauderdale criminal law firm with offices in Fort Lauderdale-Dade, Broward, and Fort Lauderdale Counties.a

This article should be used for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice.a

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