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Broward DUI Lawyer – DUI Rises in Palm Beach County, Decreases Across State

Throughout the state of Florida, traffic deaths related to alcohol usage, including driving under the influence of alcohol dropped about six percent, says Broward DUI Lawyer William Moore, who follows these statistics closely in order to observe trends. In Broward County, however, the trend does not hold: there was an eight percent spike in the number of traffic fatalities linked to alcohol.

In fact, the Broward County figures appear to be part of a broader trend, says Fort Lauderdale DUI attorney William Moore. The fatalities under these circumstances have increased by 46 percent in total over the last five years, the figures from 2003 through 2008 show. The constant rise has befuddled police departments, assistant State Attorneys, even Mothers Against Drunk Driving. The uptick is odd not only for the fact that it is out of synch with the rest of the state and even the country, but also because it is in contrast with factors researchers know are correlated with DUI and alcohol-related traffic deaths more generally. Specifically, researchers studying the subject have found that economic downturn and high gas prices, both of which Broward County has experienced in recent months, should have a lowering effect on alcohol-related traffic deaths. Despite these factors, the fatalities have continued rising.

One possible explanation is the nightlife of a community on the coast, says Broward DUI attorney William Moore. Locals and visitors alike traverse the seaside bars in search of a good time. While this may be a contributing element, this theory does not take into account the wild nightlife found along the ocean in Fort Lauderdale and Fort Lauderdale Beach, nor does it address the fact that most Floridians actually live near the coast.

The assistant State Attorney who heads up the traffic homicide division in Broward County, Ellen Roberts, says that the numbers are consistent with her experiences as a prosecutor. “My workload has doubled,” Robers told a news reporter. “I have seen a bigger increase if not in the number of fatals but certainly an increase in the criminal cases.” Why the increase in Broward County and not other places? It’s unclear.”

Intoxicated pedestrians, rather than just DUI deaths, are another factor. Drunk partygoers and revelers at bars wander into the streets of the beachside communities that line the coast of Broward County. Increasingly, they are doing so in lieu of sticking to crosswalks, and are getting hit by cars.

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Article contributed by Mallory Shipman, Esq.

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