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Charles Barkley’s High-Profile DUI

Fort Lauderdale DUI Lawyer William Moore takes note of celebrity DUI cases, because they raise the public awareness about the drunk driving and also familiarize people with the justice system. Former pro basketball star Charles Barkley has been drawing national news attention for his DUI problems as of late. On December 31 of last year, he was stopped by police as he left an area nightclub. He was given field sobriety tests at the scene, which he failed, and arrested on suspicion of DUI. His arrest sparked widespread interest, as well as condemnation, as he is seen as a role model figure for young people.

Broward DUI attorney William Moore has learned that Barkley elected to plead guilty to two separate misdemeanor DUI-related charges. As a result, Barkley agreed to spend three days in jail at the Tent City corrections facility. Additionally, Barkley must complete an alcohol treatment program. He received a lesser sentence due to his agreement to enter the program.

Barkley was released on March 9 after spending a long weekend in jail, complete with two 12 hour work-release days. Due to his fame, Fort Lauderdale DUI Lawyer William Moore says that Barkley had to be housed separately from other inmates at the facility, a precaution corrections officials took for his own safety. He stayed in a unit by himself. He also received his meals alone, rather than with the rest of the jail. Barkley has previously acknowledged his error, saying that he exercised bad judgment and will “take the beatdown” that comes with it. Barkley has not issued a public statement regarding the conditions at the Tent City facility or his experiences while he was incarcerated.

Below is a video of a selection of Charles Barkley’s career NBA highlights:

He acknowledges that he has let down his family, the NBA, and his endorsements, which Barkley calls “one hundred percent my fault.” Barkley apologized and notes that he has “embarrassed everybody in my life and that’s not cool at all.” Broward DUI defense lawyer William Moore Criminal Defense commends Barkley for his upfront attitude about the entire situation.

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