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Cockfighting and Animal Abuse

According to Fort Lauderdale criminal attorney William Moore, pitting aggressive roosters against one another – a sport known as cockfighting – is common in much of Latin America and other parts of the world, such as India, although a person could face criminal charges here. In fact, cockfighting enthusiasts often raise roosters like well-cared-for pets, looking after their every need for the first two years of their lives. Fort Lauderdale criminal attorney Moore says the roosters are bred to be quite aggressive and therefore naturally inclined to spar with other roosters. Those who bring their roosters to fight and onlookers who attend for entertainment frequently wager on the outcome of the fight. The roosters generally fight until the death with metal spurs stuck on to aid in their fighting.

Animal rights groups have long opposed the sport, likening it to dogfighting, which is conducted in a similar manner, but has probably received more attention and criticism due to the fact that dogs are more common domesticated household pets than roosters are. However, their efforts have taken hold throughout almost the entire United States. Cockfighting is now illegal in Florida and every other state, says Fort Lauderdale criminal attorney Moore. Additionally, even attending a cockfighting event is outlawed in a majority of states, including Florida.

The debate has raged on, however, and cockfighting remains non-criminal in Puerto Rico, Guam, and other outlying American areas like the Northern Mariana Islands. Fort Lauderdale criminal attorney Moore notes that some of the reasons why the debate remains contentious are that the sport has enjoyed an enthusiastic following for many years and that cockfighting is considered to be a cultural event by many transplanted Latin Americans and their descendants.

Attending an animal fight, baiting or fighting animals, and possession of tools used in the baiting or fighting of animals – such as cock spurs or other devices used in the training of fighting roosters – is criminal in the state of Florida. Nonetheless, cockfighting events are often held in secret, on empty land, empty acreage, or farms, without law enforcement agencies discovering the meetings, says Fort Lauderdale criminal attorney Moore. In fact, although these events are less and less commonplace, many attendees may be unaware of the criminal nature of their actions. It is important for anyone arrested for cockfighting or fighting and baiting animals to contact a Fort Lauderdale criminal attorney as soon as possible to begin the preparation of a tough defense.

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