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Criminal Lawyer in Palm Beach County Overview: The Crime Scene Logbook

Criminal Lawyers in Broward County know that at the scene of a major crime, a uniformed officer is assigned to maintain a logbook at the entrance to the scene. The logbook is used to record the names, dates, and times of those persons entering and exiting the sealed area. This record is necessary for future comparison of evidence, such as footprints. The log is admissible in court as an accurate depiction of events, such as the removal of the body by the medical examiner’s office and the arrival and departure times of investigators.

Fort Lauderdale criminal lawyers often argue that traffic through a crime scene both removes and destroys evidence that may have exonerated their client. It’s also argued that this same traffic can add unwanted items that could be mistaken for evidence.

Reporters, investigators and other individuals at a crime scene bring with them hair, fibers, dirt and other substances that have to ability to contaminate an area being investigated. This is especially true where DNA is being collected. Criminal defense attorneys in Fort Lauderdale as well as in the rest of the country argue this point to no end.

In Broward County uniformed officers should always be stationed outside and around a crime scene to prevent anyone who isn’t a police officer from entering. Failure to do so can significantly impair the accuracy of any evidence collected. Crime scene tape is often used as a barrier; however, other items can and should be used as well, such as folding road signs, police vehicles, and even people.

As is to be expected, homicide scenes inspire passionate emotions, especially from family and close friends. Often family members feel they have the right to be inside a house, or particular piece of property, where their loved one was killed. Entrance by any civilian can significantly affect the ultimate outcome of the entire case.

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