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Death Penalty Under Scrutiny

The Death Penalty in Florida Under Scrutiny Again.

Death row inmates spend a majority of their time in a small cell while awaiting execution. Very little time is spent outside of the cell. In Florida, it is commonly expected that an inmate will be afforded little over an hour for recreation and bathing each day.

The death penalty has come under scrutiny following the recent failed execution of death row inmate Clayton Lockett claims William Moore, a Criminal Lawyer in Broward County, Florida. A moratorium has been called for which would stay all further executions nationwide following a full-scale investigation of the entire system.

President Obama describes the event as deeply troubling despite supporting capital punishment in the United States for certain crimes considered heinous.

Certain safeguards in place according to Criminal Lawyers

Currently under our criminal justice system, there are certain safeguards in place with regard to a criminal trial that results in a guilty verdict followed by the sentence of death rendered to a defendant. Primarily, a convicted punishable by death defendant is afforded an automatic appeal whereby the trial proceedings are reviewed in order to ensure that the accused was afforded due process and a fair trial.

Additionally, with the advances in DNA testing, many death row cases are being reviewed in order to ensure that innocent persons are not facing execution. An alarming amount of cases have been overturned in the past decade according to Attorney Moore.

Botched Executions

It is difficult to say what will become of our current method of execution in light of the recent events surrounding the horrific death of Lockett. The electric chair, Americas former choice of execution met with much criticism and abolition following numerous failed execution attempts.

Death by lethal injection has also been cited as inadequate over the years due to similar botched executions. Under a decade ago in Florida, the Governor Job Bush ordered that all executions be suspended following a failed attempt of lethal injection of a defendant who had previously been sentenced to death.

Information on the Florida death penalty may be obtained by contacting Attorney William Moore in Broward County, Florida.

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