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Driver’s License Charges Addressed by a Broward DUI Attorney

Having a driver’s license is extremely important to virtually every adult. Most of us drive every single day — to and from work, to pick up the kids from school or take them to soccer practice, to pick up dry-cleaning or take-out food after a long day at the office, or just to go out to the movies. In any case, not having a driver’s license is difficult and can result in traffic tickets or criminal charges, in addition to collateral consequences such as losing or being unable to find employment.

You can be charged with driving without a valid driver’s license if you never actually had a driver’s license. Driving with an expired license can also be a criminal matter, notes Fort Lauderdale criminal attorney William Moore Criminal Defense. Perhaps the most common situation, however, is driving with a suspended driver’s license. Driver’s licenses can be administratively suspended by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles for a number of reasons. An arrest for driving under the influence, even if you have not been convicted, will suspend your driver’s license, and refusing a breath, blood, or urine test at a law enforcement officer’s request can lengthen the period for which the license will be suspended (however, the suspension can be challenged by a Fort Lauderdale DUI lawyer within 10 days of your arrest). Additionally, a drug-related conviction — even misdemeanor simple possession of marijuana — can result in a suspension of your driving privileges for two years. Many people are also surprised to learn that falling behind on child support payments can also result in a suspended driver’s license. Modifying child support can be tricky, especially if arrears (back payments still owed) have accrued, and the economic problems in Broward County have worsened the problem.

Sometimes, an experienced Broward DUI lawyer can negotiate a great deal with the State Attorney’s Office — such as dropping the case if you can come back to court with a valid driver’s license. Of course, these types of agreements depend on which courtroom your case is in, the individual circumstances of your case, and other factors. Sometimes, reinstatement of your license or obtaining a valid license is impossible, but options such as completing classes or just paying court costs can resolve the matter. Also, criminal defendants have the right to a trial, with DUIs being the most commonly tried criminal traffic cases, and Broward DUI Lawyer William Moore regularly handles these types of cases.

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