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Drug Crimes in Florida

Many people think of drug charges as low-level offenses, according to Broward County criminal attorney William Moore. This perception could be for a number of reasons, but one of the most important and obvious ones is that possession of a controlled substance probably poses less of a harm to the society at large than many other crimes, like armed robbery. Most people see that drug possession likely has less of an effect on other people than violent crimes.

Fort Lauderdale criminal attorney Moore says that drug charges are still serious. Prosecutors of ten take full advantage of the Florida statutory scheme for controlled substances and the amount that constitutes personal use (simple possession) versus trafficking. Criminal defendants who are arrested after being found with drugs during a routine traffic stop, for example, are often surprised by the criminal charges they face.

In Florida, possession of a controlled substance of a certain amount – which varies dramatically depending on what the drug is – is usually charged as drug trafficking. Trafficking in the traditional sense refers to the movement of large amounts of drugs, especially between countries. For instance, there has been significant reporting done on the drug trafficking, especially of cocaine, between Latin America and Fort Lauderdale. Likewise, drug trafficking in Mexico and into the United States is responsible for the uptick in violence related to drug cartels.

Other common drug charges include possession of drug paraphernalia, which is a misdemeanor. A drug paraphernalia charge can stem from a variety of different items, but to name a few: a pipe, rolling papers, and plastic baggies. It is often difficult for the state to sustain a drug paraphernalia charge without other evidence of drug use associated with the item, such as marijuana residue.

Items found near the drugs, or the way the drugs are found, may also be used to support a charge of possession with intent to sell a controlled substance. Classic examples include a reasonably large amount of drugs found doled out into plastic baggies, as though for individual sale. A scale, which can be used to meter out the precise amount sold (like an eight of an ounce of marijuana, for example) might be other evidence, just like a large amount of money found near the drugs or a list of names and numbers of buyers would be. Fort Lauderdale criminal attorney Moore has years of experience defending against drug charges of all kinds.

Broward County Criminal Attorney William Moore has years of experience in criminal defense, including sex crimes and DUI. A felony or misdemeanor conviction of any type can have far-reaching consequences on your freedom, your employment, and your personal life. If you have been arrested in south Florida, contact William Moore, P.A., with offices in Broward, and Broward County.

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