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DUI Arrests in the News

Broward DUI lawyer William Moore of William Moore Criminal Defense likes to keep abreast of the drunk driving cases in the news, as they heavily influence the public perception of DUI arrests and convictions, in addition to the science behind DUI in some cases. However, many stories are just public interest pieces of news due to the humor or novelty of the situation or the fame of the person arrested for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Last year, Dennis LeRoy Anderson, a feisty 62-year-old, was arrested in Minnesota, says Fort Lauderdale drunk driving lawyer William Moore Criminal Defense. Anderson had previously had contact with the police in a separate DUI incident on an earlier occasion. Law enforcement officers arrested Anderson for DUI after he was spotted operating his motorized La-Z-Boy recliner in a parking lot, allegedly in an intoxicated state. Anderson took pride in his chair and had it outfitted with the works: a lawnmower engine to propel it, headlights, and even a stereo system for music or to listen to a sports game. Although the scene must have been pretty funny, police officers were not amused, and took him into custody. Anderson’s blood alcohol concentration was allegedly at .29 percent, about two and a half times the .08 level at which the law presumes a driver is too impaired to operate a motor vehicle. Perhaps surprisingly, Anderson took a plea agreement. In exchange for his guilty plea, Anderson received two years of probation and no jail time. Because this is his second drunk driving conviction, Anderson’s sentence was likely harsher than it would have otherwise been.

More recently, an up-and-coming Hollywood star was arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated. Stephanie Pratt, who is featured in the MTV hit series the Hills, attended the birthday party of fellow cast member Holly Montag. According to local law enforcement authorities, she was arrested around 3:45 in the morning after officers observed indications from the operation of the vehicle that she was impaired. Pratt is 23 years old. A spokesperson for the Los Angeles Police Department told People Magazine that the arrest occurred without incident and that Pratt was “cooperative.” She does not have any prior DUI arrests.

Fort Lauderdale DUI Lawyer William Moore notes that driving under the influence is the type of arrest that can happen to almost anyone. DUI clients vary greatly, but many first-time DUI offenders have no prior criminal record.

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