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Broward criminal lawyers hear a lot of crazy stories during their time in the Broward courtroom. With hundreds of arrests in the Broward/Fort Lauderdale/Fort Lauderdale-Dade area each day, there are plenty of unique situations to go around. Criminal attorneys and police in other parts of the country see their share of wacky cases, too!

If you are a defendant in a criminal action, dumb mistakes can cost you liberty. If you have trouble understanding english, always insist on a spanish speaking interpreter.

High school students in Wrentham, Massachusetts were arrested during their underage drinking party – but how did police know it was going on? Well, some of the students posted information publicly about the alcohol-infused get-together on Facebook. A teacher notified the police. Who wants to be Facebook friends with the biology teacher, anyway?

A few months ago, federal officials in Missouri approached a man for whom they had an arrest warrant. Not wanting to get caught, he gave the police a fake name. It might have been more believable if he hadn’t taken the time to have his name tattooed onto his face before the incident!

An undercover Hartford police officer wasn’t happy to be pulled over on his time off. The cop quickly became suspicious, however, with the “cop” car’s nonstandard red flashing lights. He called for backup and the man attempting to arrest him was arrested – for impersonating a police officer! Talk about bad luck…

A cashier at the Verona Beach, Florida McDonald’s was taken aback when a customer tried to pay for his value meal with marijuana. Alarmed, the cashier called the police. The worst part? The guy with the weed was still inside the front doors when the cops showed up ten minutes later. That’s a serious case of the munchies!

The hunger doesn’t end there. A San Diego man was craving some lobster, so he stole a few from a state park. He was caught when the park rangers noticed “odd bulges” in his pants, which were actually six live lobsters. Ouch!

In Japan, the chief of police in charge of drunk driving was arrested recently. His crime? Drunk driving! Prior to the arrest, the man had been engaged in a marketing campaign, distributing information at bars to prevent drunk driving.

An Oregon man learned the hard way that he’s probably not up for Father of the Year this time around. After leading police on a drunk-driving chase through a neighborhood filled with children who had just been let out of school, the man pulled up to the elementary himself. He wasn’t surrendering, though – just picking up his own child on the way.

If you like to spin donuts in your all-terrain vehicle, be mindful of the location. After all, not everyone wants the grass torn up. An Ohio man learned that the hard way when he got caught making donuts in his ATV on the courthouse lawn! He’ll face charges in the same courthouse.

Speaking of bad locations, the police in Kenya walked out of the station a few weeks ago to find a car broken down outside. The police went to help the stranded citizens, only to discover that they were actually drug smugglers with $20,000 of marijuana in their luxury car. Needless to say, the men were arrested.

A man in Fresno, California, was accused of robbing a bank. He must have had a good lawyer, though, because he was acquitted. Always innocent until proven guilty, but getting caught robbing the same bank as soon as he got out of jail wasn’t such a bright idea. Well, if it wasn’t him in the first place, maybe all that talk about it in court helped him formulate the plan!

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