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Ecstasy Exchanged for Sex at Correct Care Recovery Solutions?

A mental health worker at a state psychiatric facility in Pembroke Pines is accused of plying a recovering drug addict with Ecstasy so he would repeatedly have sex with her.

Source: Mental health worker gave patient drugs in exchange for sex, cops say – Sun Sentinel

Recently an arrest in Broward County involved some very unusual circumstances amounting to allegations that a mental health technician exchanged the drug ecstasy for sex with a patient.

The incident took place at the Correct Care Recovery Solutions facility in Pebrokes Pines Florida.  According to Broward County Clerk of Court records,

a mental health technician employed by the facility exchange the illegal drug for 10 to 15 sexual encounters. The alleged victim stated under oath that he had no desire to engage in sex with the defendant and was done so only in an effort to obtain the said illegal substance. The victim further disclosed that the defendant would provide him with the ecstasy pills when she came on shift only to return later in the evening to his room where the alleged sexual encounters took place. On at least two occasions, the defendant required the victim to stand against his facility room door so that no one would be able to enter. It is further alleged that the defendant advised the victim not to tell anyone about the encounters or that he would be removed from the facility. Although currently pregnant, it is unclear whether or not the defendant is pregnant with the alleged victim’s child as a result.

When confronted with the allegations, the defendant claimed that all sexual encounters were consensual. She also claimed that she was aware of the victim’s diagnosis, however, did not believe any mental illness existed and that the victim was faking the illness to beat the system.

Criminal charges have been filed in Broward County to the effect of lewd and lascivious battery on an elderly or disabled person. According to Criminal Attorney William R. Moore, it is highly unlikely that any charges of delivery of a controlled substance will be filed due to the fact that no actual illegal drugs were recovered during the investigation.

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