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Effects of Alcohol Consumption

Broward Attorney William R. Moore has focused his career on defending DUI arrests for almost 20 years.

DUI defense attorney William R. Moore recently sat down with us at his defense firm in Broward County and discussed the effects of drinking alcohol on an individual.

The Renzo has worked closely with forensic psychologists who have outlined just about every conceivable side effect of alcohol consumption. When people drink alcohol, they feel pleasure and relaxation during the first half-hour or so according to the veteran DUI Lawyer, who explained the findings an expert report from one of his trials several years ago.

Individuals become more talkative and socially outgoing however these feelings are generally replaced by sedation as alcohol is a limited needed from the body the otherwise talkative and intoxicated person often becomes quiet shy and somewhat reclusive.

Under most circumstances, the chance of life-threatening overdose are low according. However, people get into trouble when they drink a lot of alcohol very quickly such as is often seen in drinking games engaged in by college students. Drinking on an empty stomach is also particularly risky according to Moore

Obviously, and most importantly the operation of an automobile following the consumption of alcohol increases the likelihood of an accident. Not just to property, but also to people. These cases are not easy even for prosecutors claims Moore. When you have a family sitting with the Broward County state attorney’s office who recently lost a child to a drunk act driving accident and a defense attorney sitting next to a an honor college student who made one mistake by consuming just enough alcohol to be registered at a .08 or above, no one feels good about the pending criminal litigation. Ultimately two lives will be lost due to the mixing of drinking and driving.

Drinking and driving defense attorney Williams R. Moore can be reached for comment on this article by contacting any of our offices.

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