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Embezzlement Under Florida Law

Embezzlement under Florida law penalizes depending on the value of the property embezzled as well as the age on the person from who the money or property was unlawfully taken.

Definition of Embezzlement Under Florida Law

Embezzlement under Florida Law is a specific type of theft according to White Collar Crime Lawyers in Broward. While in ordinary theft money or property is unlawfully taken, in embezzlement it is unlawfully taken by a trusted person. The owner of the money or property has given the embezzler the right to operate the bank account or use the property, but not for their personal benefit. Thus embezzlement involves not only theft but abuse of trust.

Typically, employees, bankers, accountants, and lawyers who hold positions of trust are the ones accused of embezzlement under Florida law.

According to Florida law, one can also be accused of embezzlement of trade secrets. Trade secrets are defined as those secrets whether patented or not used by a business for advantage over its competitors. Trade secrets can include formulas, machines, lists of customers, or other information, designs, and maps. The embezzlement can occur by copying the trade secret or making a replica or photograph or any other means of reproduction of the original for benefiting from it or helping someone else benefit from it. – Broward County Embezzlement Defense Lawyer

Embezzlement under Florida law covers a wide range of activities that includes unlawfully taking money from a person or business’ account as well as copying trade secrets through any method. As such whether the accused made a copy using a printer or electronic device or took a photograph or managed to reproduce the information in some other manner is immaterial to the case.

Additionally, for purposes of this law, Florida defines trade secrets broadly and includes all information that helps a business maintain an edge over its completion. This can include not only manufacturing secrets but also marketing secrets or other information used by the business.

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