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Factors Affecting BAC Levels

The following is a list of several things that have been argued to effect ones blood alcohol level. The success of each issue from a defense standpoint depends on the facts and circumstances of each particular case. For more information about any of the information listed below, contact an experienced DUI lawyer in Fort Lauderdale.

Factors to consider –

Ingested alcohol absorbs at a slower pace in the stomach than the small intestine. The length of time alcohol remains in the stomach depends on the beverage consumed, presence of food, biological factors and stress. When alcohol lingers in the stomach, intoxication is less likely to occur because the enzymes and bacteria continuously metabolize alcohol before it is absorbed into the bloodstream.

Alcohol Content.

There are numerous factors that affect BAC levels. The most obvious is alcohol potency. To calculate the percentage of alcohol, divide the alcohol proof by 2. Many people underestimate BAC levels because they consume beverages with a higher alcohol content.

Alcohol Ingested.

Another distortion is the amount of alcohol, in a drink, especially mixed drinks, which frequently contain more than one shot of booze. In addition, the size of the drink can affect estimated BAC levels. Using mugs of beer, a large wine glass, or an oversized shot glass can mislead drinkers into consuming more alcohol than expected.

Food Consumption.

When estimating BAC levels, consider the amount of food consumed and the time between eating and drinking. This will impact the speed at which alcohol is absorbed into the bloodstream. Alcohol consumed during or after a meal will absorb into the bloodstream at a slower pace; conversely, drinking on an empty stomach leads to rapid alcohol absorption.

Drinking Pattern.

Individual drinking patterns significantly impact BAC levels. Drinking at a constant pace over time will generally result in a more predictable BAC. For example, drinking two beers per hour for five hours will create a lower BAC than guzzling a pitcher of beer one hour before a chemical test. The rapid consumption of alcohol can skyrocket BAC levels. Consequently, waiting several hours after the consumption of alcohol is better than constant drinking up to the time of driving.

In rare instances, however, binge drinking can be advantageous. For example, if a chemical test is performed immediately after the rapid consumption of alcohol, the BAC result will be relatively low because the alcohol did not have time to absorb into the bloodstream. Obviously, the amount of alcohol consumed will impact BAC levels, but do not discount the importance of monitoring individual drinking patterns.

Biological Factors.

BAC levels are affected by biological influences, such as metabolism, alcohol absorption, and sleep deprivation. These biological factors are silent variables in the BAC equation, and therefore impossible to predict and equally impossible to estimate. Only experience can best answer this question. Attempt to monitor the amount of alcohol consumed and how it impacts your faculties. Although not a precise science, it offers one more safeguard before drinking and driving.

Carbonated Beverages.

BAC levels are influenced by beverage carbonation, which accelerates alcohol absorption rates. In other words, a whiskey-sour mixed drink will absorb faster than vodka and orange juice. Strategy: Mix alcohol with water or fruit juices to stabilize BAC levels.

Drugs and Medication.

Always remember the impact of mixing alcohol and drugs, whether illegal, prescription or over-the-counter. It is unlawful to operate a motor vehicle after consuming alcohol and drugs if it impairs driving abilities, and only in remote circumstances will the law create an exception to this general rule. Consult a pharmacist to determine whether mixing alcohol and medications will cause driving impairment.

Any qualified DUI attorney in Fort Lauderdale will tell you that many of the factors effecting ones BAC may have a limited impact on your case due to changes in both technology and the law. DUI Attorneys who have tried many cases utilizing defenses that encompass the various factors that can influence an individuals BAC are best suited to render a legal opinion as to how the facts of a particular case may amount to a defense when in comes to influences on ones BAC.

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