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Female vs. Male Victims of Sexual Battery

All statistics obtained regarding the extent of sex crimes in Florida conflict with one another.

One study conducted in Florida revealed that male victims of rape fear a perceived stigma by both the public as well as investigating police detectives. According to William Moore, an Attorney in Broward County, This fear becomes non-existent when certain facts accompany the offense regardless of gender. Both male and female victims are far more likely to report a sexual battery committed against them when the following factors were present according to Attorney Moore:

  1. The offender is a stranger
  2. A crime such at robbery accompanied the sexual assault
  3. Heightened physical violence during the sexual assault
Why Are Female Victims of Sex Crimes Are Almost Two Times More Likely than Males to Report Crimes Such as Rape in Florida?

Heightened physical violence has a more profound effect on males and actually makes them more confident in reporting the crime. Forensic psychologists such as Dr. Michael Brannon in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, attribute the inability on the part of the male victim to prevent the crime due to being overpowered.

This victim profile becomes obvious in certain cases, according to one sex crimes attorney we spoke with. Not only to the criminal defense attorneys who observe countless Florida sex crime trials but also to the casual observers such as in court bailiffs and or court reporters who naturally witness many types of felony adjudicatory hearings throughout their career. You see patterns between the confidence or lack of confidence in the victim that directly correlates with the presence of the above mention factors.

Female Victims, Injury Sustained in Sexual Assault and Relationship with their Assailant

When it comes to female victims the extent of violence and injury sustained during the attack dictates whether any apprehension in reporting a rape will be extinguished. The more injury sustained, the more likely females are to report according to Attorney William Moore. Conversely, female victims of sex crimes are less likely to report the closer they are to the individual committing the offense.

How many Florida Rape Cases are Not Reported?

Accurate statistics on how many sex crimes go un-reported in Florida are unfortunately unattainable. No one knows how many rape case go unreported each year in Florida. Blind reporting programs such as the one implemented in Broward County Florida decades ago have helped increase the number of sex crimes that are reported to police however ultimately suffered significant criticism by victims who were later made to confront their assailant in a criminal action.

More information about Sex Crimes in Florida can be obtained by Criminal Defense Attorney William Moore in Broward County Florida.

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