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Fort Lauderdale Area Man Arrested After Fleeing with Two Gunshot Wounds

A Fort Lauderdale area man was arrested in Pembroke Pines, Florida yesterday morning after allegedly attempting to hit a uniformed police officer with his car. The unidentified suspect is in a Broward County hospital after an incident at 10050 Pines Boulevard in Pembroke Pines. The man is in his twenties and will fully recuperate from injuries sustained during his flight from police. Fort Lauderdale criminal lawyer William Moore urges anyone who has been arrested or has a loved one accused of a crime in Broward, Fort Lauderdale, or Fort Lauderdale-Dade Counties to contact his office as soon as possible for legal advice.

According to police, the young man came arrived at the Pembroke Pines Bank of America a little after ten in the morning. The suspect submitted a check to the teller via the drive-through lanes, requesting that it be cashed. The bank teller determined that the check was allegedly stolen in a recent unsolved robbery in the Fort Lauderdale area. Thinking fast, bank employees called the police. Meanwhile, a teller conversed with the suspect to hold him up until police arrived.

When the Pembroke Pines police arrived, officers attempted to block in the suspect’s Dodge Caravan while it idled in the drive-through lane. The suspect quickly deduced that the bank employees had called the police, however, and launched his escape. He careened around the police vehicles and allegedly tried to drive over a police officer. Police shot at the man, striking him at least once in each arm. Not one to be deterred from his escape, the man continued out of the parking lot and northbound on Palm Avenue. Police from both Pembroke Pines and Miramar followed in hot pursuit. The suspect, bleeding heavily from his gunshot wounds, continued on Palm Avenue until his vehicle struck another car at a red light. At that point, the determined man jumped from his car and fled on foot. Officers chased him through a field into a nearby residential area. Police caught the seriously injured suspect shortly after he left his car. The man was arrested and transported for medical treatment of the bullet wounds.

At this point, police have not released details about the stolen check or the suspect’s identity. The experienced police officer who fired his weapon has been placed on administrative leave for the next four days of duty, which is the department policy in all instances in which an officer’s weapon is discharged. Traffic in the area surrounding Bank of America in Pembroke Pines returned to normal after approximately an hour following the incident.

Fort Lauderdale criminal lawyer William Moore has experience in a wide range of criminal defense situations and a great trial record. An arrest can damage all aspects of your life, including your employment prospects and custody and visitation of your children. If you have been charged with a crime in Florida, contact William Moore, P.A., which is an experienced Fort Lauderdale criminal law firm with offices in Fort Lauderdale-Dade, Broward, and Fort Lauderdale Counties. Call (954) 523-5333 to schedule an appointment with William Moore today.

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