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Fort Lauderdale Homicide Still Has Police Looking for Clues

Late on Sunday night or sometime early Monday morning, one or more intruders apparently broke into a Miramar home, Broward criminal attorney William Moore has learned. The details of what followed remain fuzzy, as there are few witnesses.

The home belonged to Faith Bisasor, who was 49 years old. She was killed in the attack, although police have not released her cause of death to the public at this time, Fort Lauderdale criminal attorney Moore has learned. Her 15-year-old son, Davlon Bishop, was also murdered, as was Nekitta Hamilton, also 15, who has been described as a family friend. Hamilton was visiting from Jamaica.

Another person was severely injured during the attack. The fourth victim was injured and left for dead. She was eventually able to call a friend for help. The friend notified police, who found the victims at the home. However, due to the extensive nature of her injuries and the fact that she has undergone multiple surgeries, law enforcement agents have been able to glean little, if any, information from her. She remains at Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood, where a law enforcement officer has kept constant vigil, awaiting her ability to provide information about the attack. Law enforcement agencies have declined to release the identity of the fourth victim because they fear she could be killed to prevent her from speaking out about the crime or identifying the perpetrators.

Bisasor worked for a decade as a nurse at the emergency room of a local hospital, Broward criminal defense lawyer Moore has learned. She has been described as an outstanding mother. Her son was an honors student at a local high school. Students at his school are planning a memorial for Bishop, who was well-liked and maintained outstanding grades. Friends and teachers have described him as selfless and academically successful with great support from his family. He would have been a junior this fall.

Hamilton’s father is famous in Jamaica for his reggae music. He traveled immediately to Florida upon being informed of his daughter’s death. He has pleaded with the community to come forward with any clues they may have, as neighbors have reported hearing and noticing nothing out of the ordinary on the night the homicides occurred. Bishop’s father has declined to comment on the matter to the media.

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