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Hired Gun: Fort Lauderdale Criminal Lawyer Moore Discusses Murder-for-Hire Allegations in Boynton Beach

Broward criminal attorney William Moore has been following the widely-publicized “murder-for-hire” case from nearby Boynton Beach, which has captured local and national headlines. Dalia Dippolito has been accused of attempting to arrange the murder of her husband, Michael Dippolito, during the summer of 2009. She has been charged with solicitation to commit first-degree murder. Dalia Dippolito is being tried by a jury in Broward. The charge carries a maximum penalty of 30 years in prison, notes Fort Lauderdale criminal lawyer Moore.

Dippolito was allegedly filmed conversing with an undercover law enforcement officer, apparently instructing him in how the killing should take place. According to police and prosecutors, she agreed to pay a sum for the murder of her husband, as well as provide the funds for purchasing a handgun. Prosecutors have bolstered their claims with photos of Dippolito’s purse, brimming with jewelry that she stashed away shortly before she allegedly expected his death, says Broward criminal attorney Moore.

Michael Dippolito has denied any knowledge of a plan to pretend to murder him, as his wife claims was the case. Her defense is that the murder-for-hire plot was entirely a hoax and designed to result in widespread media attention and, ultimately, a reality television series based on their lives. Michael Dippolito is said to be a fan of reality TV. In fact, during voir dire (questioning of potential jurors), Dalia Dippolito’s defense attorney brought up the famed balloon boy hoax that also occurred in 2009.

The balloon boy hoax involved a married couple with children, Richard and Mayumi Heene, calling the police to their residence claiming their son was adrift in the skies attached to a giant balloon (a science experiment of sorts belonging to Richard Heene). News outlets picked up on the story nearly immediately. However, it was ultimately determined that the boy was never aboard the balloon and that, in fact, he was hiding in the family’s home throughout the ordeal. The family pulled off the hoax in an effort to obtain interest in a reality TV program about their family.

Dalia Dippolito’s situation is complicated by the fact that her husband adamantly denies any participation in this plot. However, the defense is fairly novel. The couple had been married for only a few months at the time of her arrest, adding to the mystery regarding the alleged plan to kill Michael Dippolito.

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