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Hit-and-Run Driver Turns Self In After Attempting to Make False Report

MIAMI, FLORIDA, September 15, 2008 – At about 1:15 a.m. Sunday morning, Kama J. Jackson, 29, was killed in an accident where someone ran a stop sign at 20th Street and First Court and collided with his vehicle. The person who hit him subsequently fled the scene.

Carlos Alberto Rodriguez, 27 was drinking at a strip club and says he does not remember the crash. He was driving a Honda Passport at a high rate of speed when he ran a stop sign striking Jackson. A judge granted him a $2,000 bond on charges of leaving the scene of an accident involving death and making a false report to law enforcement. It seems that Rodriguez went to the police station with his brother to make a report about Rodriguez being carjacked and beaten. Ironically, police had been circulating the wrong picture of the suspect in the crime – it was a picture of Rodriguez’s step-father who has the same name. When they realized he fit the description, they started questioning Rodriguez, who then admitted he had been drinking at the Pink Pussycat strip club and was drunk when he left and got behind the wheel of his car. Rodriguez says he does not remember anything after leaving the strip club.

According to the Sun Sentinel, he originally stayed at the scene, then left and crashed again at a construction site, taking off off on foot.

There is an on-going investigation, and it is anticipated that additional charges of DUI Manslaughter will be filed against Rodriguez if they can find someone able to testify as to his level of impairment.

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