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Hollywood Florida Criminal Lawyer Reports on 25 High School Students Arrested Wednesday

Broward criminal lawyer William Moore has represented young clients caught up in the tough situation of criminal accusations on a school campus, even providing representation at disciplinary hearings before a school board. The tangle of school and justice system problems 25 local teenagers have found themselves in will not be easy to navigate. It is not yet clear if the youth are facing charges in adult criminal court or juvenile court or if they are represented by a Broward criminal defense lawyer at this time.. On Wednesday, law enforcement authorities responded to South Broward High School in Hollywood, Florida, when the school resource officer radioed local police for backup at about 11:00 in the morning.

A feud between two groups of neighborhood teens spilled over onto school grounds. Although police have not released information concerning how the fight began, it quickly escalated into a massive brawl. Broward area police responded to the report of a fight and arrived on the scene to break it up. Within just a few moments, between 30 and 50 children had become involved, with approximately 100 more watching the fight. Luckily, none of the youths were seriously injured. According to a police spokesman speaking to the South Florida Sun Sentinel, “There were no weapons, just punches. One or two of them might have a bump, bruise, or black eye, but nothing that required medical treatment.”

School officials locked down the school while police investigated and made arrests. Eighteen students were arrested for misdemeanors, including disturbing a school function and disorderly conduct, but were released into their parents’ custody after a trip to the police station. The students included 17 boys and only one girl.

After South Broward High School classes ended for the day, the mischief continued. Several teens who were not arrested in the first round of fighting were taken into police custody after school for misdemeanor trespassing. Seven people total were arrested in that incident and five are students at South Broward High School.

According to Broward County criminal lawyer William Moore, most children under the age of 18 who are arrested face charges in the juvenile court. If any of the teens were 18 or older, they must be processed in adult criminal court. In some cases of particularly severe conduct, prosecutors will certify children under the age of 18 for adult criminal charges, which is a growing trend in Florida.

South Broward High School serves 2,140 area students.

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Article contributed by Mallory Shipman, Esq.

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